Xtreme Fat Loss Review

Xtreme Fat Loss

This review is specifically written to provide you with honest and best information to help you come up with well-informed decision of whether to purchase Xtreme Fat Loss.

Xtreme Fat Loss

What is Xtreme Fat Loss?

Prior to proceeding to the review itself, let us first learn what this Xtreme Fat Loss diet is. This is a 25-day program specifically created to help individuals lose unwanted stubborn fat, which many find it hard to eliminate. This program simply combines the power of cheat days, intermittent fasting, and particular workouts in order to manipulate the body for losing fat. The brilliant minds behind this program were Joel, Dan, Shaun, and their team. The available Xtreme Fat Loss contains updated exercises and diet plan.

Sure, knowing who the author of such products is one of the things you do prior to buying. Xtreme Fat Loss is created by Joel Marion. To give you a glimpse of who this person is and if he is a type of person whom you could count on, here is some info about him.

Joel Marion is a Fitness and Nutritional Expert who has been also regarded as one of the Top Fifty Personal Trainers in America. This recognition was given by Men’s Fitness. His extensive knowledge in fitness and nutrition niche should come as no surprise as he was already in this industry since he turned 19 years of age.

In the initial years of being in this field, Joel admitted that he too has fallen into the trap majority of individuals fall into upon taking fitness activities and initiative for the first time such as spending too much time hitting the gym (he admits he previously spent two hours/day in the gym). After realizing that what he does do not give him the result he is looking for, he eventually decided to seek help from a fitness coach.

What is Included in Xtreme Fat Loss

Now – let us talk about his product Xtreme Fat Loss Diet

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Program has eight sections, which mostly are written by fitness and nutritional expert Joel Marion. Other parts of the program are written by his colleagues, though. This program includes the following:

The Nutrition and Diet Manual – This consist of day-by-day program showing exactly what and when you need to eat. In this manual, Joel and his group seemed to walk a long way just to provide the readers much information as possible that is needed for weight loss success.

The Exercise and Training Manual – This shows that what you put into your mouth is not the only thing that matters. To guarantee success, you also need to exercise accordingly. This consists of eight specifically designed exercises and workouts chosen and combined by John Romaniello, an author of a fat loss program. The workout included is, by far, effective and will indeed generate result.

Goal and Success Journal – This will help you track your own fitness progress and likely provide you with a sense of accomplishment. In case you failed to reach a particular goal, you can immediately pinpoint the things you might have done wrong. The next time, you can already do the right thing.

Log Sheets for Training and Workout – Some of you might overlook its importance but you definitely need to pay attention into this. Keeping your workouts on track will also likely help you monitor your improvements, which likely will also serve as reminder and motivation to keep going until you achieve your fitness goals.

Reference Guide – This is like a go-to document and can be used as timesaving tool. If you are always in a hurry and find it time consuming to read the book cover-to-cover, then reference guide will help you. The information included in other manuals is all written in the form of notes to make reading easier.

Supplement Guide – Learn the supplements that are already proven and tested by the experts in the fitness industry.

Quick-Start Checklist – Getting too much information is often overwhelming and confusing. If you are among the individuals who easily end up being confused about too much information provided by Xtreme Fat Loss Diet program, then you can take advantage of the Quick-Start Checklist to have a hassle-free start.

Vince and Flavia’s Tips and Strategies – Vince & Flavia are XFLD customers who have embraced the steps given in the program. They give starters some useful strategies as well as tips to guarantee success.

Q&A Audio File – If you have any general questions about Xtreme Fat Loss Diet, it might be already answered by Joel himself in this Audio file. So, if you wanted to learn more about XFLD, just listen to this audio file.

How XFLD Works?

XFLD consists of a 5-cycle plan providing physical activities and diet to be followed in order to maximize fat or weight loss. The cycle needs to be repeated five times. It includes the following:

Day #1- Cheat Day & Specialized Exercises

Day #2- Particular Protein Shakes & Strength Training

Day #3- Food-Fasting Day Along with Some Lactic Exercises

Day #4 – Moderate Intake of Calorie & Specialized Exercises

Day #5 – Protein Only & Lactic Acid Exercises

Xtreme Fat Loss Advantages and Drawbacks


The provided information can be easily understand
The program simply works. Through following what is included and asked in the program in a consistent manner, you will lose weight in a short duration
It promotes the intake of important nutrients and vitamins. Meaning to say, you will likely be saved from nutritional deficiency
All the solutions and methods provided are used and proven by the nutrition experts.
The program includes everything you needed to succeed in your weight loss goal.

Total commitment is needed to follow this intense plan.
The strict exercises might be difficult for some individuals
Does not provide information about maintaining a lean body after twenty-five days
People with busy schedule might find it hard to remain consistent for twenty-five days.
Who Can Use Xtreme Fat Loss Program?

With systematic steps in maximizing weight loss, XFLD is suitable for both women and men who want to keep some pounds at bay and achieve a beach-perfect body, in exception to lactating mothers and pregnant women.

Final Verdict

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet (XFLD) is an efficient program providing comprehensive steps towards fat loss. With simple, attainable steps to burn unwanted fat, the program can yield result within 25-days. That is, if you are able to stick with every step included in the program within the given time duration.

XFLD is worth a try, so grab your own copy now.


Xtreme Fat Loss

Xtreme Fat Loss



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