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Indeed, numbers of individuals are having hard time with regards to losing weight after gaining so much of it due to certain reasons. And with that, there is a certain pill that could help these people to deal with losing weight in ways that will not be hard and stressful. This pill is referred as the Meratol, helping you overcome challenging issues about losing weight.

Meratol is being advertised as a metabolism boosting diet pill which has gained attention by numbers of its celebrity endorsements. Having proprietary blend of powerful ingredients, Meratol is indeed designed in order to address all of the aspects of weight loss in order to make managing the appetite, boost metabolism, increase energy and make fat excretion simple. Once being used in conjunction along with healthy diet as well as regular physical activity, losing weight is considered to be provided.


But is Meratol definitely an effective diet pill? Or is it just one among those wide numbers of diet pills in the market that promises to make you lose weight? Well, let’s find it out.

How it works?

Meratol is said to work through boosting the metabolism of the body through blocking the fat as well as carbohydrates from being absorbed and though helping to burn more calories a lot faster. It is also capable of reducing one’s appetite and could minimise food cravings consequently in order to reduce the risks of taking fatty foods.

It also works through boosting metabolism that in turn would increase the rate that the food is being digested and converted to energy in the body. This would mean that less of the food that you ate must be turned to unused fat. And this is achieved by Meratol through having three ingredients that are proven to boost metabolism along with obvious effects.

Meratol also contains capsicum extract that is found in natural foods like hot peppers and chillies wherein it is said to work through burning the calories prior it turned to be fat and so weight loss is allowed. There will also be seaweed extract, cactus extract and prickly pear extract that are included in the said diet pill. Seaweed extract will reduce the intake of carbohydrate by the body while cactus extract will control the sugar levels and will help in controlling the sugar cravings of the body. And finally, prickly pear extract helps in boosting metabolism in order to burn the unwanted fat.

Key Ingredients of Meratol: Benefits and Side Effects

Meratol has these three key ingredients that are all claimed as clinically proven with regards to boosting metabolism. And these three key ingredients are the following:



This one contains extract of the Opuntia Ficus Indica or also referred to be the prickly pear and so will reduce the fat gain and will increase the water weight loss.

Side Effects:

Extracts are said to be safe only in medicinal amounts within short period of time. There might be adverse effects that could be experienced including nausea, diarrhea and increased frequency of stool, headaches and bloating. There is also a need to avoid the said ingredient once you are breastfeeding, pregnant or once you are to undergo surgery as well.



This one is a brown seaweed extract which is known to reduce gaining of weight once you overeat. This is indeed useful in terms of reducing the effects due to overeating once on a calorie reduced diet plan.

Side Effects or Precaution:

There is a need consult first a doctor prior to taking the said ingredient once you have pre-existing health conditions as well as avoid taking it within a longer period of time.



This is a common ingredient in most weight loss pills which comes from those hot chilli plants and is considered to have of great effect in terms of firing up the metabolism and so will act as the fat burner.

Side Effects

This might lead to stomach irritation, runny nose, and diarrhea, flushing and sweating. Once used for a longer period of time, high doses must be avoided. Possible side effects of long term usage would include kidney and liver damage.

How to use Meratol?

It is advisable that those users should consume or take two capsules of this diet pill every morning along with large glass of water. It is also state that users must not exceed this recommended dosage. There is a need to consult a doctor before you use the said diet pill especially if you have pre-existing health issues. You must also avoid the use of this diet pill if you are breastfeeding or pregnant and if you will have surgery soon.

Who is the manufacturer of Meratol?

Marlia Health is the company that manufactures this diet pill. The company is a global contract manufacturer as well as a private producer of wide vitamin supplements for over numbers of decade already. Marlia Health is primarily engaged with researching as well as developing vitamin products for start-up supplement companies and vitamin brands as well. The company is based in Panama.

Where to Buy Meratol?

The said diet pill is only available from numbers of few sources on the internet and this product cannot be found somewhere else. With regards to prices, they might vary from a certain place to another.

Indeed, Meratol is just one among those numbers of diet pills out in the market today that promises the idea of losing weight. But there are also some drawbacks associated with the use of the said product. The said diet pill offers numbers of great advantages or benefits on the part of those that are aiming to lose weight but some might as well experience nothing about the product. This will then be considered as the idea that a diet pill that works to one will already work to everyone.  So, there are indeed customers that are satisfied with how effective the diet pills are but some are not happy at all about this Meratol.





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