How to Lose Weight without Exercise

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How to Lose Weight without Exercise

Because you are trying and sweating too much to gain weight loss, opt for better idea that will help you get through the process to lose weight without exercising. Perhaps you are irritated with those days where you feel as if not everything ever works. Of course you do! However if you are in the midst of the mission to lose weight and shed those extra pounds, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have a serious gym workout. The experts suggest some ways to lose weight without losing a single sweat on treadmill so you will maintain your sanity over the process.

·         Stay Hydrated Using Salt Water

When the talk is about H2O, the salt water is not your enemy. According to Jenny Westerkamp, R.D. at Chicago, water needs an electrolyte like potassium, sodium, and chloride to be absorbed. She also recommended adding pinch of sea salt of Celtic or real salt – unrefined or unbleached – to the drinking water before chugging.

·         Pack in Protein

Protein is requiring more than 25 percent of energy to digest compare to carbohydrates, so it can be possible to cut your intake of calorie without eating fewer foods according to Jamie Sullivan, a Californian-based personal trainer. The body needs to work further to digest salmon fillet compare to a bowl of pasta. It means that you may get away with few extra bites of a perfectly cooked salmon fish while noodles can add many numbers at your waistline.

·         Never Skip Meals

Perhaps your mum told it to you when you were young, now you are also doing it with your kids. The question now is, are you doing same thing for yourself now? Well, you should! Otherwise, you will end up finding yourself snacking on wrong food or eating more foods at your next meal according to Shosana Werber, an R.D. have something healthy around to make your tummy happy between meals. This is effective when stressors strike while maintaining healthy diet.

·         Get Complete ZZZs!

When you are tired and get home late, you might be more prone to night snacking that will often cause you to weight even more according to Weber. If you lack sleep, it can influence to your fullness and hunger hormones – the ghrelin and leptin – that makes it harder to lose pounds. Better put that chips back to the shelves and get some sleep for normal body function.

·         Put Limitations to Your Cooking Shows

If there are more foods at stock, you may be prone to eat some of them even if you are not hungry. Refrain from cooking too much food, and eat what only suits to you. Don’t overreact! Once there are many cooked foods, your tummy is always satisfied, making you eat more than your body needs. Putting limitations to your cooking activity will allow you to save foods and amount of money for excess food ingredients.

Losing weight requires you to discipline yourself. If you are not into serious gym exercises and workouts, then the above tips can help you have a surefire success once you are eager to see good results in no time.

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