How to Lose Weight in 10 Days or in Maximum of 2 Weeks Doing Exercise

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How to Lose Weight in 10 Days or in Maximum of 2 Weeks Doing Exercise

Many things can happen to you in just 1 day, what more in 10 days? If you can lose someone in a span of 10 days, you can also lose weight in just 2 weeks. But the question is, how do you do it?Is the time enough? Definitely yes! You just have to be serious about this. It’s time for you to outline everything and discipline yourself from your calorie intake down to your daily workouts and in tricking your brain and setting your mind into eating less.


Form your 10-Day Plan

Figure out your goal. How much of your weight do you want to lose in 10 days? If you want to lose 5 pounds, you have to lose 1 pound every 2 days. 3,500 calories is 1 pound. If you want to achieve this, keep in mind that you need to lose 1,750 calories every single day.

Find out your needs. Stick to your 5 pounds goals. You need to lose 1,750 calories each day, which is .5 pounds per day. For you to figure this out, you have to the amount of calories intake you need for you to lose such weight and subtract 1,750 then work with that.

Keep a Food Journal. Face what you eat. Count your calorie intake and track them.

Plan your Workout Schedule. Aim for every day workout. 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Avoid junk. Throw out all the prepackaged and junk food you have at home. Avoid temptation and make sacrifice.

Master your 10-Day Lifestyle

Know how to eat. Eat often. Eat slowly. Eat from a small plate. Don’t multitask. Use blue for your plate, tablecloth and even wear a blue shirt because blue is an appetite suppressant.

Think through calorie cycling. In 10 days, eat higher calorie foods in 2 days because high calorie days can help you lose weight.

De-stress. Yoga and meditation is a good starter. At least 15 minutes every day. Stress causes you to eat more so de-stress.

Sleep. Sleep more and weigh less. You have less time to eat with an 8-hour sleep.

Consider fad diets carefully. Don’t mess with your metabolism. Be careful about drinking nothing but lemonade. This isn’t a long-term weight solution.

Mastering the 10-Day Diet

Water. Load up with water and beautiful things will happen to your body.

Go on green. Anything leafy and green is fantastic for you. They’re nutrient dense and full of vitamins and minerals.

Stop on white. Stop eating processed or refined carb. Keep white rice, white bread, and white potatoes a minimum intake.

Go for low-fat protein. You need minimum of 10% protein if you want to lose weight. It builds your muscle. Eat white meat, beans, and soy products.

Know what healthy fats are. These are the unsaturated ones found in olive oils, avocados, nuts, salmon and dairy products (low-fat).

Limit sodium intake. Sodium constricts blood vessels and makes the heart pump harder which makes you cling to water and bloat your waistline.

Nix nighttime eating. No eating too after 6PM. Or if you decide after 8PM then do it truthfully.

Mastering 10-Day Workout

Fuel up on weights and cardio. Cardio burns calories more than weightlifting but both burns even more.

Take small opportunities. Go to the gym.

Try interval training. Cardio is very good but you can try switching up your routine from 15 minutes jogging to 15-20 minutes walking.

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