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Are you confused on weight loss and don’t yet have plan on how to start? Eat Stop Eat may be your best alternative to set you free from complicated rules of diet and remove rebound weight gain.


About Eat Stop Eat

It’s no secret that obesity is one of the major concerns across the world. It causes a person to get severe sickness that may shorten his or her life. Fortunately, there are many weight loss programs that promise a safe, effective and long-term use for people of all ages. One of them is Eat Stop Eat, with a comprehensive guide and valid testimonies why it continues drawing huge attention among dieters.

Eat Stop Eat is a diet that developed intermittent fasting and includes how you can use 1 to 2 fasts for every week to preserve muscle and lose pounds. The developer of this program – Brad Pilon – even goes as far to tell that men can gain muscle while on the fat loss diet. The intermittent fasting concentrates on when you eat instead of the types of food you limit or include.

The person who developed Eat Stop Eat

ESE or Eat Stop Eat is written by Brad Pilon. He holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Human Nature and has worked in a biggest supplement company. He developed the book as part of his study at the university since he had a feeling that there were several kinds of diet research with no precise analysis.

After his thorough and comprehensive testing, he has found intermittent fasting to become effective and healthy for losing pounds. Through his research known as The Metabolic Effects of Short Periods of Fasting in Humans and its Potential Application in Weight Loss, he found out that people didn’t slow their metabolic rate and the fasting didn’t cause loss of muscles all on its own. As a matter of fact, people did not lose any muscle of any kind and their metabolism was enhanced.

According to Brad Pilon, scientific evidence shows that regular, brief fasts promote muscle retention and weight loss better than diets that remove particular foods or lessen your amount of regular calories. Also, intermittent fasting can lower the risk of chronic illnesses.

What can you get from Eat Stop Eat program?

By purchasing this book, you are not only giving yourself a chance to achieve the body similar to your favorite celebrity, but also improve your overall wellbeing. This program can be accessed through PDF format. After purchasing, you can download it in your member’s area. The three books that cover the program include:

·         Eat Stop Eat – the main book that comprises the science behind the plan

·         Eat Stop Eat Quick Start Guide – consists of a brief summary of the Eat Stop Eat (main book)

·         Eat Stop Eat Optimized – contains the personal experiences of Brad Pilon when doing the program

Who can benefit from this program?

Everyone from all walks of life can benefit from the healthy and amazing benefits of Eat Stop Eat. For some college students, they find it quite difficult to eat on time due to the loads of laboratory work and studying they need to finish. But with the help of fasting, students can be able to take their eating schedule out of their mind so that they can concentrate on their studies while saving more money.

Specifically for businessmen or career-minded persons, eating on time is sometimes ignored. Eat Stop Eat program can add challenge to your food while helping you lose pounds and improve your lifestyle. As a result, you can dedicate more amount of time to your work without the annoying sound coming from your stomach.

Eat Stop Eat is both great for people who want to get very lean and have lots of weight to drop. Many have proven that this program guarantees effective results and had helped people lose more than 60 pounds, thus it works regardless of your weight loss goals.


·         Extensive amount of research

Unlike other weight loss books that only cover generic information about biology and nutrition as well as have no cited research or results from users, Eat Stop Eat boasts a substantial amount of research. Brad Pilon makes more than a hundred references to studies with all conclusions and claims he made. Many data-driven person will tell you that all of his cited studies are supported and not only written down of his mouth.

·         Fasting will not allow you to spend any amount of money for implementation

In other diet programs, they require consumers to subscribe to tradition meal plans or buy particular foods. You will need quite huge amount of money to get all of them. But Eat Stop Eat doesn’t cost you anything. Expect no special foods you need to buy. According to Brad, you can eat anything you want, but in a responsible way.

·         Numerous success stories with IF to inspire you

Eat Stop Eat is not just a book that explains the role of intermittent fasting for weight loss and improved health. You can also find many weight loss weight loss success stories from different parts of the world.


·         Quite long to read

If you are the type of person who doesn’t love hard science, then you may find Eat Stop Eat quite long to read. There is a wealth of facts you can find in the book. Good thing, you can read the Optimized Start Guide to give you a fast look at the things you should do. When you need more detailed information, you can always consult the main book.

·         Enough time is required to adjust to fasting

If you’ve never tried fasting before in your life, sufficient amount of time is needed to adjust to this program. Pilon’s fasting method is simple for beginners and he suggests you to start with a short span of time to get hang of it.


Eat Stop Eat is not a magic diet solution that will promise quick weight loss in just seconds. However, it is backed by comprehensive research and has helped lots of people achieve a thinner and fit body.


Eat Stop Eat

Eat Stop Eat



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            • Save lots of money
            • Very effective
            • Good customer satisfaction
            • Weight loss is quaranteed


            • Quite long to read
            • Enough time is required to adjust to fasting

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